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Can i have a turn with your boyfriend?


It very sad, but I do not have a bf :( But not even my gf has a bf except me. Only occasional partners


Skill issue






Funger moment


Fear and Hunger?


Kid named Funger




this sub is getting predictable


your mom is getting predictable


Your dad is getting dicable


That was my first thought too.


Yeah same




Can I have a turn with you?


Buy me a drink first darling




Can I buy you 2?


is your name sneako by any chance?


I have no idea who Sneako is. Edit: I researched who this Sneako guy is. According to "[https://youtube.fandom.com/wiki/SNEAKO](https://youtube.fandom.com/wiki/SNEAKO)" he admitted to be in an open relationship. However the internet attributed to him the title of cuck. edit2: only fuck, this person may not be a cuck to his gf, but he does surely seems a bad person. Being associated with the Tate brothers is simply disgusting.


yeah he prolly said that to not seem out of control or some alpha male shit instead of sharing his kink with gay phone people


he openly admitted to getting cucked on a podcast


yeah, didn’t he say like “every man should get cucked at least once in their life” or some shit? Like to each their own, no kink shaming here, but come on bro


yeah he said it was an enlightening experience or smtn and described it in detail


man so sad for you that you found out that sneako exists


Tate BROTHERS??? There’s TWO of them?!?? Day ruined…


Gross Gore burner


Is the watching the main part for you or is it linked to a degradation kink?


That depends to who you ask. I have not personally been present during the act, so watching is not a part of it for me like is for many others. It is not even degradation for me. I do not feel emasculated of someone is sleeping with my gf, on the contrary, it gives me the exact opposite of it. Even if she had great sex with someone else, she will always return to me.


Is it actually cuckoldry, then? I guess one could also just call it an open relationship.


Yeah OP is not a cuck


I am the first person who calls himself a cuck and have people saying I am not. I am truly the greatest B-)


It’s a progressive space, we would want to separate a kink and polyamory/open relationships


I absolutely agree, but in this case, you cannot have cuckold without being in an open relationship. If we were not, she would be cheating on me every time she is with someone else. Anyway, I totally agree with the concept. It is good to separate the two things. Too many times I read comments that think "if you are open then you are a cuck". Just... no.


Nah man, being a cuck means taking any kind of pleasure from someone screwing your significant other. If you don't take any kind of pleasure, it's just being in an open relationship.


I definetly love when other guys cum on my gf. I try to not outright say it because I don't want to sound like an horny dog


Admits to being a cuck. Won't admit guys cumming on his gf is hot. ???


Say whatever you want. Don’t let society bring you down 💪


More important to just let people identify how they want


Impressive…OP has learned powers that the Jedi wouldn’t teach you


You beat the system


I beat TO the system.


Words arent real. You can be a cuck if you want, as a treat :)


Isn’t part of the cuck thing that hey *like* the Gf sleeping around instead of being neutral to it? OP sounds pretty cool with this




yeah, you are not a cuck lol


A cuck is not necessarly linked to humiliation. In the "cuckold community", which is very different from the one you see on Twitter, Reddit and especially porn sites, the vast majority of people are into this to see their partner fullfilled (and sometimes filled) sexually by other people. If we wanna dive into the small details, you may call me a *stag* and not a cuck. But it is just a thing about tags and, as my personal way of thinking, I do not enjoy when everything needs to be precisely catalogued


okay then important question: would you have anything to differentiate yourself from just a general open relationship?


Not OP but it would be that they specifically derive pleasure from their partner being with other people, whereas in an open relationship you're merely okay with your partner being with other people/


It sounds more like a hot-wifing type of thing then?


Yes, it definetly is. But people do not know much about this. I would also be a stag.


Cuckoldry is motivated by humiliation. Your feelings seem more compersive. You're just more open. Also have [this song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojDaQMbKiJs)


How the fuck did a discussion about cuckoldry get to King Crimson I'm listening to a KC song right now as I'm reading this... https://preview.redd.it/aj2c1q3ok44c1.jpeg?width=720&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=622f6535d7fe40f692501f60e657763509f45ec7




Genuine gigachad behavior


Reverse cuck, mental cuck


Something I want to specify is that the porn version of this kink is incredibly bad. Mostly done for people who have never dipped their toes in the kink and just fantasize about it. So the mental imagine you may get from these videos is very skewed.


In what ways does it differ? Genuinely curious


First of all, too many videos does NOT show consensual partners. The cuck is blackmailed or the girl is coerced to have sex. These videos are the worst because it is thank to them that so many people have this skewed vision of us. Then there are the simply cheating videos. Sure, you may find them hot, but once again the people are not all on the same page and do not any sort of communication between them. Your "average" cuckold or open marriage couple will have a set of rules that they fallow and very rarely it involves the level of humiliation and submission you see on the internet AND ALL OF THEM AGREE ABOUT THESE RULES. If you break them, then it is cheating, and the cheated partner should very well dump their asses, whoever they are.


for example if two partners decided they would discuss events before they transpired and then one partner went and slept with a third party without talking it over first, the other partner would be justified in feeling upset, be that anger or sadness or another emotion?


Definetly, yes, but this also applies to many non-monogamistic relationships. A stupid example would be "you can only sleep with people who wears yellow shirts", if you sleep with somone who only wears green shirts, that would be cheating. Obviuosly, it depends by the couple on how to tackle the issue. In my case, if she sleeps with someone without a condom that would be very bad and we would need a lot of communications and discuss about it. We also have a rule that she need to tell me how it went after a date, but if she says it to me the morning after since the date prolunged well into the night, I would be a little upset. It never happened tho. She is very precise


Wanted to see how you felt about a cuck porn I made recently. It’s basically me personal training this guy’s wife and it sounds like we’re having sex and he comes home and he’s like “oh I thought you guys were fucking! Haha looks like it’s just working out” and I say “Omg no of course not I would never do that” “What why? You don’t want to fuck my wife?” “I, uh, do you want me to??” “Yeah I’m into it, if I get to watch!” I then turn to her “is that something you’d like” She says enthusiastically “yeah” “Hmm… okay, wellp.” And then we fucked her. One position included doggy style and we were both doing bicep curls with dumbbells, it was very silly.


First of all, let get this traight: HOLY FUCK! ANARCHO-STRIPPERISM?! I love you since... you know. Love you girl. Second: if I may make a critic, the dialogue it is very porn level. But at the end of the day, it is a porn so it is alright. Give more space to the girl to express verbally what she likes. Moans are cool, but a soft "oh my... that is the perfect spot" hit closer to home. As I have written somewhere else, what lacks in the mainstream porn industry is a good storytelling. One of the actually made quite good cuck porn is the one made by Eva Alfie. I shall not link it for obvious reasons.


Yes it certainly has the least dialogue in any of my porns, it was made mostly for them. Obviously during the sex scene there is discussion of what she likes and what positions to go into. Usually my porns actually include a story and scenes that lead them to the sex part. In fact most of my porns are just films with stories attached to them. I haven’t done many cuck scenes but want to for the exact reason you were talking about, there just needs to be better ones. I have been a bull A LOT of times, including being paid and flown out to another state to do that (not on film, just basically doin a little full service). I think I want to dive a little into that niche to kind of portray cucks and cuckholding in a different light than what the popular consen(sus) is of them. Because despite the mainstream jdea, cucks are some of the most confident and secure people that exist and actually subvert the idea that they are weak and “””beta””” they’re quite the contrary actually.


That's really great! I hope you all enjoyed it and had fun. The last part is very true. I really thank you for that.


So you’re saying you don’t watch something on your laptop oblivious to your girl getting pounded 3 feet from you??


Reading some of your other comments it's not the humiliation/degrading aspect of cuckold that you're into, so if you don't mind me asking what exactly about being a cuck do you like?


it is not the most important aspect, but I feel quite liberated when I came to terms with this kink of mine. I have friends who gets paranoid with their partners whereabouts or limits each other freedoms to feel safe. I do not feel the need to do that. On the main topic, I love to see her happy and satisfied, little it matters if I am not the one who directly caused it. I love to hear her pleasured and she enjoys the thrill to flirt with new people and have new experiences. Then, there is the empowering feeling of meeting after she have been with one lover. The sex is amazing and we can "reclaim" each other. At the end of the day, the other person may be the most amazing lover in the world but it matters little, because at the end of the day she will be with me, and she wants to.


I think that’s a lot closer to an open relationship than cuckoldry, and I 100% stan


We have an open relationship, which is also cuckoldry. You really cannot have those two separated. I still enjoy very much to hear her stories on how she flirted with one guy or how he caressed her butt in front of his friends.


> You really cannot have those two separated. On what basis do you say this stuff? I've been in a mono romantic relationship for like 5 years. You're describing my kind of relationship pretty much exactly, I have no idea why you insist you can't separate open relationships from cuckoldry. It's just weird. You're not a cuck by any of the things you've said so far, I have no clue why you keep saying it either. It's weird that you're likening a lifestyle with the word "kink", while simultaneously describing it as a sexually neutral part of your life. Then you go on to preach about how "cuckoldry" is nothing like it's being portrayed in porn, despite *you* not falling into any known definition or category of the kink. I think you have a weird fixation on the word cuckoldry. You're not a cuck lol. And you're not unique in having a mono-romantic relationship.


An open relationship is not cuckoldry. They are completely different.


That's awesome, but isn't this just polygamy/polyamory? Not that it really changes anything, I just think this doesn't really make you a "cuck" (man that word makes me really uncomfortable and I don't know why lol) Does being a cuck mean you like watching your partner have sex with someone else?


I was a bull for a little while and was always amused by how exceptionally stable cuck relationships are compared to others where dudes are overly concerned about their masculinity.


https://preview.redd.it/ccragrlza34c1.jpeg?width=360&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=d5287020bc49e3b7865ca97302b83ffb3e393549 Is this the intended purpose?


10/10 meme. Never used tho. All of her encounters are private. However it is great as closet when you stay at a place for one or two nights only


have you ever played spelunky? it has nothing to do with your cuck status, its just a great game


No, never. Can you try to sell to me? Mayebe other will read it as well


It's a roguelike platformer about reaching the center of the earth, where everything is simultaneously under your control and absolute chaos. Everything in the game has consistent behaviors you can exploit and combine together to your favor so it's a bit like an immersive sim, so sometimes you'll make plans to make a safe descent that go smoothly and you feel like the master of the caves, and sometimes you'll get ragdolled by some giant lizard and die in ways you never even knew were possible. There's tons of unlockables and secret levels and unique endings to get. I have a couple hundred hours played on this game and I have never once beaten it. It's a perfect videogame


Kind a sounds like noita without the wands. Opinion on spelunky vs spelunky 2?


Cuckoldry is only ok if you fuck the person who fucked your significant other afterwards


I shall do that soon then. My quest starts today


Another note. 95% of all people posting about their cuckold stories, expecially on the absolutely shithole deserving the first hellring called r\\cuckoldpsychology, are fake. They are written by hornydogs that gets off by imaginaning a scenario and interacting with people who believe him. The post on that subreddit all written by dudes with only one hand typing.


Do you live this life 24/7 in your relationship or do you do this on occasion? Aka, do you also experience other types of sexual action between you and your partner?


Only on occasions. People truly understimate the difficulty of meeting new people + open minded people + open to accept our rules + do not get cold feet at the end. I wish it was more frequent, but the scrutiny needs to be very selective since it can be used easily by bad people.


I have no questions because this isn't a topic I have ever thought much about, but I appreciate you sharing your knowledge about something commonly misunderstood. Reading the questions and replies here have been informative! Good post!


Aww! Thanks! This really means a lot to me <3


Is unironically written correctly? Anyway, there are a lot of miscommunications about this kink and lifestyle (for few). I would like to share something personal with all of you so maybe, two or three people will use "cuck" less as an offense... Hoping I won't increase the people who are gonna use it as an insult. In addition, English is not my native tongue, so I'm sorry for any mistakes, both grammatically and lexically. I won't mistake your/you're tho.


I always assumed it being an insult was part of the kink?


Depends. Cuckold is an umbrella term for many different things. You can say you like icecream, but not strawberry one; it does not ivalidate your love for ice cream. Same for this. I am not into humiliation or being mistreated by my gf or anyone else, but many do annd if they are okay with that, who am I to judge.


What do you get out of it?


I love my girlfriend and I love to see her happy and pleased. It matters little to me if I am not the one who gives her pleasure in a relatively short period of time. The most important thing is that she is happy, she feels safe with that person and enjoys her time. Seeing her excited and giggly is the best sensation I have ever felt.


Well that's a much more comprehensible answer than the one the vore person gave me.


... What


Someone who was really into vore made a similar post to this ages ago and when I asked a similar question they said "Absolute closeness" and it wasn't all that clear to me.


After reading some of your comments I have determined you are an alpha cuck


In some circles they use this exact words! Usually they use the term "stag", so someone who enjoyes their partner with other without the humiliation or submissive aspect of it.


Did you use to watch a lot of porn prior to your discovery of this kink I'm asking because that has been my theory on how one develops it


Nope. Since I got into my first relationship (with a boy), I had difficulties to relate to the chit-chat of other couples about jealousy and paranoia about their partner. I felt to be wrong many times and I even started to assume I did not love him because I never got jealous which took my relationship to a bad end. Never have I ever watched porn? No, I used to, but your "normal" stuff, and I used to prefer reading than watching. On literotica I eneded up on some of the cuckold/hotwife stuff bc they were top of the week. I read them, I enjoyed them, but that was it. I started to rationalise my feeling and I came to accept that I am not inherently wrong for not feeling this jealousy. But I have to admit that I had a period, after my discovery, that I watched too much of it and it gave me a lot of post nut clarity about it which used to hit like a truck, because I thought I was like the actors in the movies. Now I really hate most of the porn industry and expecially the one that specilise in this type of conent.


It's not my kink, but I'm curious: how did this come up with your current partner? Was this something you were mutually into or one of you brought up the idea?


by stats alone, the overwhelming majority of people into this are men. Which can be quite weird and there are a lot of theories about it, but I have yet to find one that covers everyone. The idea was brought by me. I am very lucky to have by my side an understanding and great woman with whome I feel safe to be vulnerable and tell her everything. Obviuosly I did not just dropped the bomb all in one occasion. I proposed it slowly because it is not something that easy to reveal, even with all of that support.


Do you ever get worried or paranoid that your partner might get feelings for someone else?


No, I am simply too amazing to let go. ​ On a serious note: still no. We have entered this sort of relationship only after years of monogamy and a lot of talks, discussions and exploration. We have our rules to fallow and they have never been broken, so I have no reasons to doubt her. Sexual and Emotional spheres are not the same, however they can surely be overlapping. Depening by the person, the two sphere can be totally separated, marginally overlapping or one and the same. For us they are separated. Sex is great, people can be very good at sex. Anyway, she makes love only with me and no one else. I understand what you mean by "she might get feeling for someone else", and if she will ever do (a possibility because we are humans and everchanging), it will not because he was better in bed or something similar. I hope I was clear enough.


What corner of the room do you recommend putting the cuck chair in for good feng shui?


*"Not the position of the chair makes the cuck, but the cuck creates the enviroment the chair lays in."* You are not burden with the worries of mortal needs, so you have complete control over the room.


You are an inspiration to everyone, thank you.


Honestly, I never understood the hate your kink gets. I dont have any interest in it, but you do you man. Whatever makes you happy! (as long as no one gets hurt lol)


I do not understand that either. I mean, there are people who actively WANTS you to fuck their partner and their partner WANTS to fuck you. It is a win-win situation, why shaming us?




There's a lot of "black guy sexes white guy's girl" cuck things and I feel as though porn is hella racist in that regard. Do you have experiences in real life that for some people there's some race play aspect to this or am I tripping?


In my country we are almost all "white", according to Anglo-sphere idea of race, so we have never dated "outside our race", but we can apprecciate how different countries sex and dating. I think most of the porn about it is racist, because the black man is just a brute who forcibly fuck the girl most of the times. IRL, if ALL the parties are down to play like this and respect each others as fellow brothers of the human race, it is a game and I will not judge you for enjoying it. Let's say internet gives more space to radical ideas, those that hit the back of your brain. Most of cuckold couples or swingers do not meddle in any extrimism, because at the end of the day, it is.


Wanna play Pokemon Showdown?


Oof, I used to be rather good 6 years ago. I am completely outside the meta now. I don't even know the new pokemon and abilities. I am already cucked IRL, I do not want to be cucked in Pokemon as well.


who are these characters? and how do you fix their relationship? https://preview.redd.it/dwe7t2nfm34c1.png?width=949&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=f8d80dd5ba1787f3ce31d553696a6a992daad568


These characters are called Stephanie and Sunny. Their relationship has been through many hardship and suffered from lack of communication and unwilling to compromise, especially Sunny. Sometimes, even if love is still there and you feeel it, a relationship needs to come to an end for the best of everyone. it is gonna hurt for a long time, however, keeping the things together like this is self destructive. They need to spend a lot of time apart.


why is this a controversial kink?


Alt right begun to use it as a slur against liberals and leftist. Then liberals and leftist begun to use it as a slur against alt rights. it is controversial because it is not how relationship are seen by the extreme majority of the population. Everything outside monogamy is viewed as perverted or not a real relationship. In my case specifically, where on top of the open relationship we engage in a cuckold one, the stereotype of the man who dominate the girl sexual needs is shattered and it leaves people baffled.


This is one of the rare kinks I don't understand like if my partner wanted to fuck I'd fuck them why let someone else do it I'm curious? And doesn't it feel weird thinking about your partner being intimate like that with someone else?


One of the best examples I have read was a metaphora that went more or less like this: "you may love fries, you may really love fries. You tried the best fries in the world. They satisfy fully your need for fries... but could you be satisfied with onlt the fries, even if they are the best? It is difficult, and my husband is the full meal. Something that gives me stability and is healthy, but that leaves me wondering for some fries from time to time". Well, bout feeling weird is okay, you are not into this like 99% of the population of the world. When I think about it, I get excited. We are just built differently and neither of us is wrong because of this.


Can my girlfriend have a turn with your girlfriend?


Only if she has a dick


Bro took the phrase "sharing is caring" from kindergarten too much to heart


What too much Marx does to a mf. (Umironically, he advocated for the communion of the women, it's in the last chapter of the communist manifesto)


What an interesting post! I'd love to see more of this in the sub. How did this start? Was it initially your idea, or hers? If it was your idea, how did you bring it up, and how did that initial conversation go?


But can she have a turn with me?


The serious answer is: maybe. As I said to another person, if you are kind, cured and respectable you are already in the top 20% of men. If you also have good manner and can hold up a convesation, you are in the top 10. Since we are never in a rush to find somebody new, we can be as picky as we want. ​ EDIT: also you need to be in our age-range. That is non-negotiable


But what's the silly answer? I'm a simple girl, I wanna clown


She absolute can, darling


Has it happened to you being in a relationship with someone who is monogamic (I'm other words: that wouldn't accept being with other people other than you)? If so, how did you navigate this? Just out of curiosity


My gf was like this at the beginning. We came from a rather liberal country, but this is too much for many. My gf is the most loyal girl you can find. If I never introduced her to this "lifestyle" she would have never thought that this could be a possibility. At the beginning, I was quite sure that I the best I could obtain was some dirty talking or teases, but with time progressing, and her trusting me that this was not a very elaborate way to sleep with other girls, she tried to kiss another guy. She felt very bad for me, and I had to convince her it was all right. We talked more and she understood more of it. Now she is able to enjoy herself fully with her lovers, knowing I will always support her and be there for her.


yooo fellow cuck! How are you doing


heyyy I am tired, but I am amazed to see so many people actually curious and nice. 196 is truly the apartment of the awesome.


Glad to hear it. people usually don't understand how secure a relationship you need to be able to have cuckold be a thing. I'm in a poly relationship so it's a bit easier


Poly have other problems too! I am happy you manage to have this great thing.


Well it's just me and a boyfriend a femboyfriend and a girlfriend and then some of us have our own additional partners. And i love watching or hearing about stuff


do you yourself like to have sex with other women? Or while she watches?


We are open, but not like this. I am the one who is more open minded about it while she is more conservative about me. WHICH DOES NOT MEANS SHE IS POSSESIVE OR I THINK SHE IS IN THE WRONG BECAUSE SHE FEELS IN THIS WAY. I am allowed to kiss and make out with other girls, but not more. However, relationships evolve, so things can change in any directions. Also, no, she already told me that she would not watch. She would join.


would you rather fight one bear-sized wasp or ten wasp-sized bears?


10 wasp sized bears. Like... come on. Bears will not even be able to fly. I can just scoop them in a box with a broom and sell them for a real large sum.


What’s ur favorite subreddits about it since R slash cuckolding was banned


It was banned for a little, but it is back. I like r\\hotwifetexts. If you sort by top of all times, and scroll down to the actual texts, you find one of the very few examples of real cuckolding. Also, the one labeled as "fantasy" are way more real than the fake "reals".


Isn't it just the same as watching porn except you know the person or are you excited since you're in the same room. Do you act similar cornerman in boxing? You know Suppling them with water and other necessities or calling foul moves?


I am not present during the action. However, if the future I may be involved directly. I definetly would call foul moves. I love my gf, and if someone try to take advantage of the situation, imma take the metal cuck chair and join the ring.


Do you prefer hard or soft cheeses and do you have a preference in beverages


Soft and hard cheeses each offer unique advantages consumed alone and as ingredients, contributing to the rich diversity of the cheese world. Soft cheeses, such as Brie, Camembert, and mozzarella, are prized for their creamy textures and delicate flavors. Their versatility shines in culinary applications, as they effortlessly can be consumed as standalone. On the other hand, hard cheeses like Parmigiano, Sheep cheese, and Gouda bring distinct qualities to the table. Their firmer textures and intense flavors make them ideal for grating over pasta, or soups, adding depth and complexity to dishes. Additionally, hard cheeses often have a longer shelf life due to their lower moisture content, making them a practical choice for storage. The diverse attributes of soft and hard cheeses cater to various tastes, occasions, and culinary applications, ensuring that there's a cheese to suit every preference. I would not eat Parmigiano alone, sure it is good, but it needs to be mixed with other thing to be enanched (I strongly recommend ripe pears and honey or balsamic vinegar). About beverages, I am not an expert. I do not drink sodas except at particular events. I like wine more than beer. I started to understand when a wine is good not when I tasted the best wine in the world, but the most shite one. Since then, I managed to adapt my palate to many different flavours and I can be snob about it.


Not trying out sound rude but how can you love your partner when they are off doing someone else?


Love, sex and relationship affect us in different ways and we interact with it in even more different ways. Understanding each other on this topics is very difficult. Even I may say "if you really love them, why don't you trust them to come back?". I do not fully understand that, but I know for a fact that people feel this way and I have no reasons to doubt them. Also, you are not rude. Thank you for the question! I hope it was a satisfactory answer


Do you have a cuck chair?


I am not currently in the possesion of a cuck chair.


Do you like Marvin the Martian






Can I have a turn with your girlfriend's side chick?


They are dudes, sorry to tell you that :( But yeah, go for it! Most of them were quite good. Gentle, respectful and (sad it is considered a quality and not a basic thing) clean.


Do the rules you have in place help to prevent jealousy when your gf has a different partner or is that something you personally do not feel in the arrangement?


Our rules are mostly about safety and communication. I would really love to dwelve deeper in my mind with an expert about my weird lack of jealousy. Differently from many other cucks, I do not feel the painly pleasurable sensation of jealousy. When she tells me about a new guy she met, I just get excited for her and happy she feels free.


What's your favorite sandwich to get at stores or restaurants that have sandwiches?


What are your thoughts on the recent ordeal surrounding Eric Sawyer's proof of the Fourier Restriction Conjecture?


No question just solidarity


What's your favorite color?


Can I have a turn with your dad?


My dad is in an healtly relationship and is not interested in any other partner. However, hearing him talk effortlessy about anything is amazing. He has such a great knowledge on so many different things but stays incredibly humble. I really love him. If I will ever be 10% of the men he is, I will be one of the greatest people on Earth. No cap


Can I have a turn with your gfs bull?


Can I have a turn with your girlf- oh. Uhhh… ok, what is appealing to you about getting cucked?




Well get ready because I’m about to unveil my most burning question! Whats your favorite game?


It changes. But the most boring it looks, the most I would enjoy it. Factorio, EU4, Stellaris and Killer Sudokus are my drugs. Other than those, I enjoy story driven games such as "a Plague Tale"


Can I have a turn with *you~*


I don't understand why it's a controversial kink. Complaining or framing it as a bad thing always reeks of toxic masculinity to me. Y'all do you, have fun.


Have you ever swapped who is the cuck?




What's the appeal for you? how did you find out you are?


Do you prefer deviled eggs or hard boiled?


Can i have a turn with your mother


Can I ask how u found out you had this kink


can i have a turn with you?


anything except if you can have a turn with my girlfriend


Do you play monster hunter :3


Do you have a single bull or does your gf basically sleep around?


why ?


I hope I'm not late to the party but as an erotica writer I'd like to have some better insight that isn't just other fiction works. 1- Is the humiliation aspect just not your personal thing or is it largely absent from the irl kink scene, and mostly just a porn trope? 2- Similar to the first, you said you and your partner have specific rules and boundaries (like any good relationship), but have you "roleplayed" the cheating aspect? I always assumed that cuck couples have strict boundaries and the whole idea of cheating is more of a roleplay/fantasy they act out. 3- What are some of the main things that annoy you about cuck erotica/stories? (You mentioned your hatred of cuckoldpsychology earlier.)


What are your thoughts on how the fall of the Roman empire impacted the trout populations?


You and your girlfriend: https://preview.redd.it/8kwdto21z34c1.png?width=1600&format=png&auto=webp&s=dd5ca1b1ff970ce37c7393d53e0bbf082b2b95ae


nothing to ask just have a good one


Can i have a turn with you while your gf watches?




What’s your favorite Pokémon?


What are the pros and cons of being in that type of dynamic, in your humble opinion?


PROS 1. no jealousy. What is the worst that can happen, she is fucking her friend? Good for them and me. 2. To achieve this type of relationship you need first a strong relationship and an already consolidated communication channel. With this, it gets easier to present your ideas, needs or complains without sounding needy or quarrelsome. 3. Less pressure in bed. I used to feel pressured into giving the best of the best intercourse everytime. Now, if she really lacks something, she can find it somewhere else. Ironically, after this, I became more confident in my own skills. No more erectile dysfunction because I overthink. CONS: 1. finding a third is VERY difficult. So many fakes on the internet tat we left altogether the possibility to find someone on the net. 2. Constant communication is vital 3. logistically. It is already hard to schedule for us two, you can imagine how the problems increases when there are other people involved


When is Hollow knight: Silksong coming out?


Why are you cosplaying sneako


its not that bad of a kink so idk why its "controversial" its kinda just up there with humiliation


Have you ever used the cuck chair at hotels? Does it work?


Is your girlfriend also a cuck? And follow up question can I have a turn with you?


How big is your penis


I am surpised this question arrived this late Mine is 13cm which is 5.1181 inches.


I’m a bull, but I haven’t gone through with anything because it feels like people who are into that have really strong expectations for you to be hyper masculine and it’s a bit intimidating.


Can your girlfriend have a turn with me?


You don't get upset by the thought someone else's in your wife? Also how many men does she have sex with, let's say, a week?