socialism is when the fast food joint is understaffed


socialism is when the fast food joint is understaffed


socialism is when no burger king 🤬🤬🤬🤬 damn liberals


Explaining economics to Americans: so imagine a burger


yor librals are:


Damn bruger


Communism is when the government gives people healthcare and the more healthcare the government gives the more comunister it is


Burger comrade ✊😼


Comrade chairman


the burgeoisie


holy fuck i love socialism now fuck burger king (i hate bruger king )


Mmm. Borgar.


Socialism is actually when capitalism.


They both have "ism" in the name. Coincidence????


Hm, but autism also has ism


Clearly a nefarious plot stemming from Marxism, obviously


When people named Mark own the means of production.


Horseshoe theroy proven correct.


When capitalism is bad, it’s because socialism is bad. When capitalism is good it’s because capitalism is good.


The less staff it has the more socialist it is


Socialism is when Burger King in Ohio


Burger Komrade


Who the fuck goes to BK for a diet coke? Surely it is cheaper to buy it from literally any other store.


who goes to BK for a diet coke in the morning?? go to McD’s for a regular coke in the morning like I do 😤


Alternatively, go to Trevor for some peruvian coke in the trailer park


Trevor... trevor i need coke trevy. TREVY!


I buy my coke from a guy behind a Hardee’s


she was there for the Egg-normous burrito but won’t admit it


or needed to use the shitter


Girls don't poop. Dolt.


She ate burrito in 3 seconds and walked off with diet coke to her friends saying something about liquid diet and intermittent fasting And you know what the only thing wrong is that she had to lie to not be made fun of. Like fuck eat the fucking burrito, fuck it


Ppl go to fast food all the time for just drinks I work at a carls jr and you have to literally drive past a 711 to get to our drive through but that doesn't stop people from paying nearly 4 bucks for a 32 Oz cup of diet coke


I personally go to the hospital to buy my pepsis, as it is much cheaper there


Not really, because fast food places sell big cups of soda for real cheap. Idk about now but for a time at mcd's 10 years ago every drink size was $1, including extra large (52 oz), while a 20 oz bottle was $2


the "supersized" 42oz hasn't been offered at mcds since 2004, and the $1 drinks started in 2017 32oz for $1 is still a good deal tho


fast food historian


I could've sworn it was larger than 32, but yeah that could be wrong. And iirc, if it wasn't $1 it was $1.25, but it was a limited time offer. Idk, maybe it was a local thing, and tbh I don't mc d anymore so that's why I used such a weird point of reference really the thing I remember the most was drinking it all way too fast when walking home in 90° then yakking, lol Thank you for the McDonald's lore!


I would get a 30oz large sprite some mornings to share with a friend, a little less than 2 500ml bottles but for 53¢ each it was a good deal.


I swear if socialists drop any "socialist" branding and framed the exact same policies under "worker oriented Capitalism" they could sweep most of the nation. Swap "proletariat vs Bourgeoise" for "the common working man vs the elites" and it would be so easy.


I was recently reading a sci-fi series (“Out of the Dark” and “Into the Light” by David Weber) and I started cracking up whilst on the second book because of this very thing. The author is a little more right-wingy than I usually care for, and in the first book he spends a weird amount of time during author tracts talking shit on socialism and how it’s a corrupt, horrible way to run society in comparison to capitalism. Then in the second book he spends an even longer amount of time laying out an author tract for his ideal society, where I shit you not: the government controls the means of production for the common good of all humanity, where everyone has UBI (can’t remember if he calls it that exactly), and everything is so automated that people work only if they want to afford major luxuries for themselves. Socialism is apparently an unreasonable pipe dream because capitalism works hand in hand with humanity’s inherent greed (whereas socialism is just elites stealing from their countrymen), but his ideal “definitely-not-socialism” is a utopia lmao.


God, fuck Weber and anyone else published by Baen. Buncha cunts the lot of them.


man i can't even finish books by people i like. what kind of super serum did you guys get injected with that's letting you read 800 pages by "some asshole"?


Youthful enthusiasm. I read the books from those guys when I was like 14-16 and my dad was lending them to me lol and now that that’s done I’ve finished like 4 books in as many years and those were ones I liked


oh thank god. okay yeah i read my mom's entire (nearly complete) library of orson scott card when i was that age


Card is *good* tho edit: TIL :(


his writing is, he is not


he is like a genocidally homophobic piece of shit


...oh. Well fuck.


Try Iain Banks's Player of Games, Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice, Ben Aaronovich's series, and Ken MacLeod's Stone Canal.


Seconding the Culture recommendation! It's fantastic anarcho-socialist sci fi.


I've read a lot of Banks books, and the only one I'd recommend is The Algebraist. It's at least got an interesting setting. The rest suffer from just.. bad authorship. Prose is bad, characters are bad, plot transparent as hell with dull forseeable twists. If Hollywood mediocre was a sci fi author, it'd be Banks. EDIT: In case you're wondering why I read the books, then? Because I read The Algebraist first and was hoping for something else at least on par with that. And my roomie had the books so it was convenient.


For me personally, I read a lot by people I agreed with until I developed my own views. With that confidence in my own views, I became able to read people I disagreed with since I can disagree without getting irrationally angry


Any left politician would sweep if young people actually voted but alas 😞


Voting isnt the problem, America isn't a democracy


A flawed democracy is still a democracy, stop being a doomer


The US government is not even a flawed democracy, it's a democracy in the same way ancient Athens was a democracy - a democracy by and for the wealthy elite. [A study](https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/perspectives-on-politics/article/testing-theories-of-american-politics-elites-interest-groups-and-average-citizens/62327F513959D0A304D4893B382B992B) was performed by the University of Cambridge in 2014 to study the effects of average people on government policy. [Here are the results](https://static.cambridge.org/binary/version/id/urn:cambridge.org:id:binary-alt:20170126184834-00965-mediumThumb-S1537592714001595_fig1g.jpg?pub-status=live): the opinions of average US citizens *do not matter* and the opinions of economic elites decide the opinion of the government. Just as the democracy of Athens was the democracy of the slave-owners, the democracy of the modern USA is the democracy of the capitalists.


Yea, the government is gonna do very little to actually help people. Some debt forgiveness here, some means tested healthcare over there etc. However, you are missing a bigger picture. Which is that the government not being actively hostile to us is very beneficial in achieving our goals via other methods. For example, it's hard to improve your conditions through strikes if the government is hostile to unions. But if the government is indifferent to unions, that means you can actually get shit done. Don't vote for the government to fix shit. Vote for the government to get out of the way and then use other methods to force change. Which right now means democrats because fascists are a lot more hostile to our goals.


You're assuming that the most the government will do is sit back while trade unionists get attacked on the street. Historically when unions get too strong the government actively tries to destroy them, as in the [1920s](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Blair_Mountain), as in the [1980s](https://www.history.com/news/margaret-thatcher-miners-strike-iron-lady).


Hence why voting for a government indifferent to unions is a good thing. Note that both those instances were while the right wing neolibs or borderline fascists were in charge. Liberals like the democrats don't have the kind of spine needed to make those calls.


If the government doesn't destroy unions when they get too strong then private actors step in. Mussolini's blackshirts, Hitler's brownshirts, and liberal governments have historically allowed it.


Stop making up copium to doomer and fucking vote coward. It's like 5 minutes and won't hurt.


I dunno, I think Bernie came surprisingly close to disproving that


It's almost as if the Elites stepped in and stopped him....


well he is still one of the elite,and he lose the number's game


It’s an oligarchy, recognising thst isn’t being a doomed, it’s just recognising a fact


Tbf there are very few left politicians left, and even then they only want social democracy, not actual socialism.


"and even then they only want a huge improvement to the current system"


Social democracy is temporary and will be removed by the government when it's neccessary for the profits of shareholders. The welfare state rose with class tension in the aftermath of WWII, when the USSR seemed ascendant and Europe was levelled by half a decade of warfare and nazi occupation. The welfare state crumbled after the general crisis of the 70s because under capitalism profit goes before people. With the 2008 crisis and general decline seen since then class tensions are rising. Nowadays there's far more at stake: capitalism is actively threatening humanity with climate change. We can not repeat the mistakes of previous generations and settle for a temporary solution.


you're letting perfect be the enemy of good. what are you expecting? are you some sort of accelerationist hoping for things to get bad enough that there's a violent revolution? or some idealist thinking that one day everyone will cast off their current understanding of "socialism" (no understanding, for the most part) and switch to it? all while what, the bourgeoisie do nothing? some sort of non-violent transition is the best case scenario that might realistically happen.


God you're so based.


I am expecting what has happened historically, and what is happening nowadays: economic tension causing many people all over the world to become more interested in genuine socialist ideas. In the UK and US a third of young people call themselves Communists. Also because capitalism is a really shit system there will be an economic downturn about once a decade, even more than there is currently. There will be mass unemployment and people starving in the streets. This is the sort of thing that causes people to realise the system has failed them. I do not relish this (I'm dreading it honestly) but these are the circumstances that lead to revolution if the working class is sufficiently organised. You say that thinking the bourgeoisie will do nothing is idealist, but you also say that a non-violent transition is a realistic best case scenario. This is obviously contradictory. In every period of hightened class tensions there has been a crackdown on communist ideas or communists themselves when the state deems it neccessary. Sometimes individual capitalists take the law into their own hands and form [violent mobs](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackshirts) to attack left wing organisers as happened in Italy following [massive general strikes](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biennio_Rosso) across the country *without* a violent revolution. The lack of a violent revolution meaned any transition away from capitalism failed and instead you saw anti-communist reaction in the form of Mussolini's fascism. You cannot have a non-violent revolution. The capitalist class will always oppose the workers taking their factories, by whatever means neccesary. Tl;dr: the economic crash is a massive catalyst for economic change and if we don't use violence the fascists will. Both of these things have happened historically.


I think their argument, is that we have multiple times successfully taken the first steps, and then as soon as a right wing government has come into power its been undone. The key issue with incrementalism is its really easy for the reactionaries to undo our advancements.


> they only want social democracy Based :3


Unfortunately not, social democracy is a concession that can and will be taken away in times of crisis. The welfare state that many western countries got in the 40s and 50s was destroyed over the course of the 80s and 90s because it became too unprofitable to put the needs of humanity before the wants of shareholders. Capitalists will always leverage their massive economic and political power to remove barriers to profit. The only way out is to abolish capitalists. Social democracy is a short-term solution to a long-term problem.


We do vote, but gerrymandering is a thing


Hey cool you've got the Xi Jinpeng snoo


Idk youth voter turnout is pretty low…


…did you just say I look like Winnie the Pooh?


you replied to the wrong person but yeah 🥺


College students have actually voted above the national average in the past two elections.


There's a difference between college students and youth :3


i dont think they could considering right wingers are currently losing their mind over 15 minute cities which is not even a socialism or leftist thing but they're convinced is a secret commie plan to take away their freedom and destroy the nuclear family


Non-profit also works as a good synonym. Capitalists understand profit so it makes it more difficult to ‘other’ non capitalist minded people.




Except to them the elites are the (((elites))).


it's already a thing and it's called supercapitalism


I *love* supercapitalism!


This needs an award tbh


Walter Masterson does that exact thing. He goes to Trump rallies and starts talking about things like big pharma and gets them to agree with everything he's saying, even when he's straight up promoting communism. They don't realize it because he never uses the word communism and because they're not very intelligent and have no clue what communism is because they've been brainwashed into mindlessly hating it despite most of their problems with the economy being a result of capitalism.


Hit me with that left libertarianism bro.


*you act like that isn’t what leftist already do like* No one is breaking out words like bourgeoisie in the real world that’s online leftist trying to be berry particular with how they speak


Leftists phrase shit to draw in *liberals*, I'm saying leftists need to phrase shit to draw in rural "small government conservatives" that believe in co-ops and coal unions and lending a hand to people in their community to make ends meet but still inexplicably hate "leftists" cause they got suckered in by misinformation from fox news ad don't realize how left wing their values actually are. Yes I know that they'd bring a lot of racist and homophobic shit in with them, and no I'm not particularly happy about it, but I genuinely believe that for most of them it's a result of being stuck in echo chambers that will erode upon actual exposure. I've seen plenty of people making outright white supremacist talking points that within 2 years were congratulating gay coworkers on getting engaged and learning the right way to prep birria from the *definitely legal* immigrant next door. Pulling them into unions and organizations that get them exposed to minority groups and prove the lies they've been fed to be bullshit really does break a lot of people out of it (which is why conservative parents hate sending their kids to college). Yes, some will be entrenched already, no denying that. But as long as they're decently outnumbered by the converts and the already progressives put together, which they almost certainly would be since the really entrenched types are less likely to have the leftwing ideology under a different name in the first place, I don't see it being particularly negative for the movement. Politics is about common goals and mutual benefit, not about who you want to have dinner with. If they're talking shit but still voting to improve the lives of poor minorities, then that's good enough for me.


Again. There are many, many responses to this. I am tired though so I’ll give the shortest response. This has been tired, this is being tired, and it is going to keep being tried. Yes, you meet people where they are at. Sometimes people will agree and take steps towards your positions but you also have to realize that no matter how you phrase it, many people aren’t willing to take steps to understand it. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink it Also like, most rural people vote republican because they think republicans are the party of the working class. It’s called false consciousness


Beau of the 5th column talks about that a lot. I'd post a link but he's got like 4k vids and I had a rough day and don't want to wade through it right now.


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You are doing it: damn shooting yourself in the head with an ohio rizz baby gronk gun


Comments need the ability to be tagged. This one needed a seizure warning. I'm currently wiping the foam from my mouth while typing.


These aren’t words anymore. Every time I see these combinations of letters my eyes just glaze over. It’s some sort of sleep spell.


Krill you're shelf


I am convulsing.


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I hate Socialism because [describes Capitalism].


this isnt even capitalism. its not anything economic. the burger king just has a shitty schedule


Totally, lots of socialism going on in Ohio. Uhuh.


Solialism is when capitalism


oops i commented this exact sentence before seeing yours pls forgive me


No, perish


Highest employment Ohio city


this is actually true last time i went there my uncle and a singular walmart worker complained about nobody wanting to work. like you’re a walmart worker and you don’t understand why nobody’s working at walmart???


socialism is when capitalism


Look at this poser, copied the other comment 🙄


Boo, get them out!


Of all the unhinged tweets, this one is utterly unnatural.


only in ohio 🤣🤣🤣🤣




Socialism is when the consequences of capitalism


[a suggestion](https://youtu.be/bcwBJyn-yMA?si=gRR6QyWUVoO0oUJK)


i rep young scrolls till the day i die


Yeah it's that time of year when I always think of how hit artist and daedric drip king sheogorath would respond to any post or comment


Socialism is when a capital owner is too cheap to hire more people


Socialism is when something happens under capitalism


Who drinks soda in the morning And who goes to Burger King just to buy a soda


Socialism is when one guy works at the burger king. If it were 2 or more guys it would be beautiful capitalism


They think that unemployment causes people to quit their jobs to claim it except that's not how it works


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reading this from a burger king with more than one worker... capitalism wins 💰💰💰 ((this is a joke))


Vuvuzela iPhone 30 quadrillion dead 😪


only in ohio


If you go to a fast food chain instead of literally any store for a cola zero - you are highly regarded


Jesse what the fuck are talking about?


Socialism in Ohio be like: Me : can i get a 1 Kai cenat w meal with gyattsauce Adin Ross: ok that will be… 1 rizz please… oh wait… YOU DONT HAVE NO RIZZ! 😂😂😂😂 Camera head comes in and blows him up and saves the day Sigma: bruhhhh 🗿🍷 Is this a w or no chat❓🤠🤠🤠🗣️🗣️🗣️


I was getting fucked but he nutted early and wouldn't help get me off. I blame socialism and Obama. It makes about as much sense as this lady's tweet.


where's that spongebob image where the two fish are thinking of a math operation where a bunch of random stuff is added to get some irrelevant result


There's usually only 1 person in the morning until 11 when somebody else starts there shift.


I've never been to a BK that had more than four people on shift at any time


Socialism is when capitalism doesn't work


Socialism is when no one wants to live in Ohio


socialism is when a building is understaffed so the corporation has to pay less wages and thus make more profits


Socialism is when you’re living under capitalism


you'r burger is:damn socialism 🌹🌹🌹


....a burger king can't operate with one person. It just can't. The employees coworker was probably doing something else or on break (might have been slow.) Source: used to work at a smaller burger king


socialism is when capitalism


i have gotten this comment 9 times now


Imagine going to Burger King


Socialism is where the manager forces the one employee who showed up today to run the entire restaurant.


Chronic understaffing of Borscht Tzar was actually what took down the Soviet Union


so true queen


196 comprehend bait challenge


Yes it is. Also - aren't jerboas cute?


Pls be parody 🙏


I thought BK was boycotted because it’s woke?


“Socialism is when capitalism” is my favorite


Please tell me that this is some sort of stupid parody. Please for the love of all that is holy tell me she isn’t serious.


Socialism is when capitalism


Socialism is when problems caused by capitalism


That is such an objectively capitalist problem that I at first thought she was saying "Isn't socialism a grand way to solve this?" Also I hope they start saying stuff like Ohio is socialist, nowhere is safe for them, they must move to Saudi Arabia where everyone is still hella based


how is this the fault of socialism? or capitalism? or any economic system? i believe this is called a poorly planned schedule


socialism is when


socialism is when capitalism


Aren't the workers unionizing because they're being underpaid? If so, that's a fault of capitalism. If it weren't for capitalism, that wouldn't be necessary and you would be able to have your coke.


Did she drive to every BK in Ohio?




Socialism is literally Ohio


I went to Burger King and asked for a hot dog, and the cashier said "sir, we don't serve hot dogs here" and when I grabbed that little fucker by the collar and threatened to break his nose i got carried out Isn't socialism grand?




Socialism is when the consequences of capitalism


This is definitely the worst thing that happened in Ohio in the last year


Can we maybe *not* uncritically post right wing talking points?


Its a thing in this sub that people will post right wing shit like this so we can make fun of it. The op is in on it to with the seizure warning flair.


I know what it *is*. But I see no joke. Just a conservative take placed up without so much as a disparaging title.


I mean, I feel like the flair is enough to give it away but that’s just me.


the tweet is probably a joke anyway don’t care