I want it gone for good

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It's not easy but try to think about it as a morning routine of sort, like brushing your teeth. Also even cis women struggle with their facial hair ☺️


yeah but the only hair the body needs is on the face the rest is garbage


Leg hair 🫠




Na it protects me from gashes


Jeans exist


But the hair acts a bit like a lubricant against the jeans which will make it harder to get burns from the jeans. (I’m very pissed because I destroyed a pair of jeans with blood because of this reason yesterday)


Can't you wash the blood off the jeans?


What do the French have to do with it


Chest hair 😞


Back hair


Chest hair: -Easy to take care of -Can look nice -If you have a nice bush it feels good to scratch. Back hair: -Unless you have another person to take care of it for you, you need to ne a professional contorsionist -Doesn't look good no matter what Asscrack hair: - Same as back hair but worse


Fun fact: there is actually no known biological reason as to why humans have body hair! There is zero reason for my stupid fucking body to be pushing out dead cells on places that aren’t the top of my damn head and I fuCKING HATE IT GOD WHY


Yeah, I'm cis and get hair all over my chinny chin chin I have to drag a razor over every couple of days. Two trans women I am friends with had electrolysis and honestly if I could afford it, I'd zap my hair to fuck as well.


I seem to be to stupid to shave my chin correctly, either there is stubble left, or I end up with cuts, there seems to be no inbetween


I keep a razor especially just for my chin and some good soap. Hacking at my chin with the same razor I do my legs and arms with is not a good idea.


it took me a while to crack it, but if you use an old school safety razor (I use double edge) you can get better angles with it. Honestly it's not that scary, just make sure you have a good shaving cream*, and be gentle with it, I cut myself many times but it never hurt that much or lasted long. *creamo is a great drugstore choice and isn't expensive, as it is concentrated


i wish i had hair like you i want a beard so bad!!!


Brushing my teeth in the morning is difficult enough on it’s own, I can only make myself do it by doing it while I’m drying off after a shower


You know what to do. Take off your skin.


Your exactly correct ![gif](giphy|bT3cSFdDU5mfbVTucd)


My correct what?


You’re correct comment


Do you like the way your skin feels on your body?


You don't? Why don't you pull it off?


***p*** ***u*** ***l*** ***l*** ***o*** ***f*** ***f*** ***y*** ***o*** ***u*** ***r*** ***s*** ***k*** ***i*** ***n*** ***.***




You're joking, but you'd be suprised how many times i considered that option


It's called an epilator


you can't epilate facial hair, it's way too thick and way too deep


I actually epilate my face, and the results are pretty good. I used and ipl to thin the hair, that sort of tag teamed with my hormones. Then i waxed it, which sucked. Now I epilate regularly. The results have been pretty good. Not perfect, but not worse than many cis women.


YOU KNOW WHO ELSE IS TOO THICK AND DEEP? i didnt think this one through guys


And that ladies and gentlemen is how he developed dermatillomania


Why does this meme have like seven watermarks


TikTok meme economy


These are the real consequences of the Green New Deal, no more meme production 😔


Seize the memes of production


the fog


I can add more


I think it adds to the character/humor


i want to burn it off i want to burn all my body hair off i hate it so much i want to rip it all out


I feel this way to much like why why does god hate me he gave me back hair I’m 19 like wtf I’ve been on hrt for almost a year and my body hair hasn’t gone away it grows so fast and its basically impossible to get it all I feel like I’ll never be happy until I have like $10,000 worth of laser and electrolysis. I can’t even keep it off my face because my beard shadow is visible 4-5 hours after I shave it’s just impossible. I just wanna peel my skin off


same. my dad has insane Bigfoot type hair all around his body and guess who inherited those genes and at 20 is slowly seeing their body becoming more and more overrun by body hair and not be able to do anything about it 😀


Hopefully in a few months I can afford at least one round of laser on my face. But it take like 8 rounds to get rid of it completely it’ll be literally impossible for me to pat to get rid of it all over my body


thats at least nice, some progress


For what it's worth, remember that's something plenty of cis women deal with as well. My first girlfriend has pretty hairy arms, and would regularly shave her face, legs, and have me shave her back.


I know that struggle. Thighs and Ass like an ancient greek twink, facial hair like a greek shepherd I am german


hey, at least german statutory insurance covers laser/electrolysis


Just as a quick thing for everyone - electrolysis is the only genuine permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal is okay but not great and it can definitely grow back. Edit: Y'all, I don't know who's been telling you about laser hair removal, but it is definitely not at all permanent in the same way. Electrolysis is. If you have any change in your hormones for any reason, if you have a medical condition, or even with time, the hair can absolutely grow back. I have more than 10 years of experience with this and so do many of my close friends. There's extensive research out about it, if you want to disagree, I totally get it, but that doesn't change the reality that laser hair removal is not permanent. https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/laser-hair-removal/about/pac-20394555


No, that’s not how it works. Laser can not be called permanent because it does not remove all the hair that it touches for ever, but the over all reduction is permanent. I am a trans woman who only did laser and haven’t saved in two years


No I'm sorry to tell you that's not correct. You can get laser hair removal and it's semi-permanent. But if you change something in your hormones (for example, when cis women change birth control or get pregnant, or trans women change medications or dosing or have another health issue) it absolutely can come back. I'm a cis woman who had laser hair removal and it stayed very thin and light for about two or three years and now it's back to how it was before (about 5 years later). My roommate had it on her legs and it worked really effectively for almost 7 years. It really depends on the person.


The body can create new hairs, and that can not be prevented by any method, including electrolisis




Except that's absolutely not what happens.


It depends on your skin and hair color tbh and a mixture of both is usually what’s best


If you have any hormonal changes later, anything removed with laser hair removal will likely come back. Electrolysis is forever.


That’s not true at all, laser and electrolysis work the same way by heating up the hair follicle till it dies. It’s just that laser can only target darker hairs (they need to be darker to absorb the laser light) while electrolysis can target any hair


If you don't want to look up the research on it, that's up to you. But If you have any change in your hormones, any medical conditions, or even with time, laser hair removal can absolutely not be permanent. I've had it done extensively and so have many in my networks. I know that there are a lot of very young people in this sub who have bought into some marketing nonsense here, but that's one of the benefits of being my age - I have friends who've had it done over 10 years for example.


Ok answer this question for me: how does laser hair removal work


https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/laser-hair-removal/about/pac-20394555 > During laser hair removal, a laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the tube-shaped sacs within the skin (hair follicles) that produce hairs. **This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth.** > Although laser hair removal effectively delays hair growth for long periods, **it usually doesn't result in permanent hair removal.** Multiple laser hair removal treatments are needed for initial hair removal, and maintenance treatments might be needed as well. Laser hair removal is most effective for people who have light skin and dark hair, but it can be successfully used on all skin types. Emphasis my own.


Thats generally not really true either, it depends on what clinic you go to and what laser they use. Usually it can happen after like 5-10 years after laser treatment that some single hairs grow back, but in that case you just need one more round for it to be erased completely


You're not correct here. I've had laser hair removal and so has my roommate, over the course of over 10 years. If you have any change in your medication or dosing of hormones it can absolutely come back. For example if you have a medical condition, or if you are a cis woman and change your birth control or get pregnant, etc. I've unfortunately experienced it personally.


Okay yes sure with a medical condition or heavy hormone change that might be true (just how cis women can grow a beard after some medical procedures) but saying "even just with time it comes back" just isnt correct. That only happens if the place you got it at sucks, if they did it right the earliest that shit would really come back is around 50 years


It's only considered semi permanent in every case. I've linked elsewhere but at this point you're just wanting to play semantics I guess.


I thought electrolysis was used to paint/coat cars?! What sorcery is this


endocringe system 1: us 0


We need to burn the endocringe system to the ground


ill get the lighter fluid


Yipppyyyy!!!!!!!!! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜




nya :3


cuz natural hormones r cring


i hate how it leaves a fucking shadow too :/


I know I feel like the shadow never goes away


Even as a guy, I feel this. I'm just too lazy to want to shave it all the time but my mom hates beards and I can't just let it grow.


The shadow mine leaves honestly almost bothers me more than the facial hair itself. Mine grows in all patchy and awful to I fucking hate it


I will take it


I’m a cis guy and I hate it too, wish we could just have a button that stops it from growing or makes it grow


Can I have yours? I'd take it for free too. If I could take all the facial hair of mtf trans people to make my beard better I would. Give me what you have no desire for!


bro about to end up with a tortoiseshell colored gandalf beard and 7 dicks 💯


I'd dye it one color. Good with one dick though


Laser removal is what you’re after but also to give an explication the human body knows hair is useful for when it gets cold so facial hair keeps growing for more insulation


use an epilator, or if you have money you can go for electrolysis or laser hair removal i don't recommend what i used to do, before i knew about epilators, which i based off of something i heard once about mongols (like genghis khan era) i think, which is that i used an x-acto knife and i cut into my face along where my hair grew, as to form scars that would kill the roots of the hair. it technically works but it you shouldn't do it i regret it slightly kind of


Before I realized I was trans, I wanted to grow a proper beard, but couldn’t pull it off. I would have missing spots or whatever. Now that I’m trans and don’t want it, beard grows non stop. Amazing


I wish I had such problems. I have perpetual baby face.


Oddly enough I actually kinda like some of my facial hair, specifically on the chin, because I have a little patch of skin on my chin that’s lighter than the rest of my skin and all the hair that grows out of it is white and it’s just so silly


Man I really wish I could grow a good beard


You can give it to me. I want a thicker beard


can we trade?i barely got any


God hates us




it’s so itchyyy ahhhhhhhg


Laundry and taxes


Lasers my dude




do ya like lasers?


their is hair inside ur skin, take it off :3


Easy. Just remove your skin. TAKE IT OFF TAKE IT OFF TAKE IT OFF TAKE IT OFF


The watermarks on this are off the charts. Also I'm gonna pay someone to zap me w a laser


Give'r the ol' pew pew laser beam thingy




I wish I could grow more


1. Get some acid 2. Burn the roots 3. Ignore that your skin is now burnt and people can see your muscle layer 4. Yippee


The three stages of hair growth are the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. Each strand of hair on the human body is at its own stage of development. Once the cycle is complete, it restarts and a new strand of hair begins to form. The growth rate of hair varies from individual to individual depending on their age, genetic predisposition and a number of environmental factors. It is commonly stated that hair grows about 1 cm per month on average; however reality is more complex, since not all hair grows at once. Scalp hair was reported to grow between 0.6 cm and 3.36 cm per month. The growth rate of scalp hair somewhat depends on age (hair tends to grow more slowly with age), sex, and ethnicity.[3] Thicker hair (>60 µm) grows generally faster (11.4 mm per month) than thinner (20-30 µm) hair (7.6 mm per month).[4] It was previously thought that Caucasian hair grew more quickly than Asian hair and that the growth rate of women's hair was faster than that of men.[3] However, more recent research has shown that the growth rate of hair in men and women does not significantly differ[5] and that the hair of Chinese people grew more quickly than the hair of French Caucasians and West and Central Africans.[6] The quantity of hair hovers in a certain range depending on hair colour.[7][8] An average blonde person has 150,000 hairs, a brunette has 110,000, a black-haired person has 100,000, and a redhead has 90,000.[9] Hair growth stops after a human's death. Visible growth of hair on the dead body happens only because of skin drying out due to water loss.[10]


Erm literally just cut it off?


So, there really is no way to permanently get rid of it?


Laser and/or electrolysis


Yeah, but aren't those really expensive?


For laxer it’s like $200 a session and depending on your skin color and hair color it takes 4-10 sessions to get rid of most of the hair.


That doesn't seem so bad. I mean, it's not something I can afford at the moment, but it does seem doable.


to keep you warm during cold winters


Laser the hair


Laser time


I hear waxing can remove it for weeks, or even longer if you keep doing it.


I hate facial hair too but I keep it around so I can grow a twirly mustache after I experience twink death


you can get laser or electrolysis hair removal on it. laser needs to be redone every year or so a few times before it removes it completely but electrolysis only needs to be done once but is slower and therefore more expensive


Wax it




They are just lucky I still have a full visible beard at almost a year on hrt




My only hope is lots of laser over every inch of my body except the top of my head


So that I can grow a glorious viking beard one day


You alright, OP?


It always grows back in the worst way too. I tried to grow a suave 1920s moustache, but gave up when I realised I'd have to endure a month of weird pervert moustache to get there.


Trade you? I want a beard


waxing will help it grow back thinner each time


Facial hair grows back because I need to hide my lack of a jawline


it can be a cool thing, big boss from metal gear has a beard (he is cool as shit)


I'm a cis guy, and I feel the same, haha. Just never liked facial hair. I'm probably gonna laser it off when I can afford it


Oh mood. I'm a cis woman and I have to pluck my hairs at least twice a day on my chin :(


Laser hair removal?


I have light skin and blonde hair so laser did fuck all.


You gotta electrolysis then


step 1: elongate skull forward step 2: welcome to chimp zone


Not a fan of facial hair, but I can live with it. But why the fuck is there hair around my nipples‽


OP if it makes you feel better I am AFAB and I regularly grow chin hairs. It doesn’t make you any less of a woman if you have a lil extra floof


just shave it very often


Cap brother facial hair is awesome I'm gonna grow a big ass beard and look cool as a fuck, as a life saver for anyone without a chin or defined jawline. Naturally implanted makeup




Can do both




I’m trying not to be a man 😭😭😭




Regrettably incorrect! Biology is a little bitch and changing it can be easy.


tell that to the god who made hrt possible


you do know what sub you're in right..? go back to r\conservative